Friday the 13th: the game


Friday the 13th: The trò chơi has seen no content for years, and now its official servers are shuttered with no new Jason Voorhees action coming.

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Jason Voorhees is one of the most famous horror icons to ever grace the silver screen, with enough references in pop culture that non-horror fans could easily pick him out of a line-up. One would think that with such renown, Jason would have some kind of new Friday the 13th content in the works. However, due to lớn an ongoing legal battle between two of the series' original creators, fans likely won't get any new appearances from Jason in the near future. This also includes the content that was planned for Friday the 13th: The Game, which first released in summer 2017.

Friday the 13th: The game was supposed to lớn get new nội dung well past its initial development, và there is currently a lot of unreleased nội dung that the developers have khổng lồ sit on until the licensing issues are resolved. With how slow the American legal system can be, it could take months or years before the case sees any resolution, & that's bad news for fans. There have been rumors that the lawsuit will see some decision soon, but there have been no movements in the case as of writing. Until there is progress, fans of the game will have lớn wait & enjoy what already exists for Jason Voorhees.

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The Friday the 13th Lawsuit



In order for a game developer lớn make an adaptation of a famous character or series, they have to get licensing from whoever owns the rights lớn that intellectual property. In this case, it was Sean Cunningham who would have been given the rights khổng lồ projects lượt thích Friday the 13th: The trò chơi and the 2009 reboot of the Friday the 13th franchise. He's also the individual who would receive residuals from Friday the 13th: The Game & its updates, & would have greenlit any new Jason or survivor nội dung that was in the works.

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However, while the lawsuit is ongoing, there is no one who can legally allow the release of the IP's content. That goes for anything that was shelved for release or is still in development, meaning that Friday the 13th: The Game's developer hasn't been able to vì chưng anything but release bug fixes and server improvements.

This news is likely frustrating lớn horror fans who just want to lớn see more of Jason in all his hockey mask-wearing glory. If the lawsuit is ever resolved, it'll be up khổng lồ the property holder to decide how lớn proceed with the franchise. Until a decision is made in the case, fans will just have to lớn rewatch the movies & play the game in its current state.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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