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The first-ever “World of Hunger Games” theme park opens in Dubai

While Dubai is already one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, the latest addition lớn its world of tourist attractions is The World of Hunger Games, a theme park which is based ... More

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The stunning sea cave of blue Grotto in Capri

The blue Grotto is 60 m long and 25 m wide. The clear blue waters go down 150 m until it reaches the sandy bottom. Light into the cave comes from two sources: one is a small hole in the cave wall... More


Sea plane services from Delhi lớn Ayodhya very likely

If everything goes as planned, travelling from the Yamuna riverfront lớn Ayodhya or from Mumbai lớn Shirdi for a pilgrimage via seaplane would soon become possible.


Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland to mở cửa for fans soon

Game of Thrones is probably one of the most-watched series in the history of television. While the last season still far away, HBO has announced its intention khổng lồ throw the gates open for the publ... More


Sports tourism – the best cricket grounds to lớn watch a trò chơi of cricket

India is a land of cricket, as we rightly say that Cricket is a religion here in the country. Speaking of travel, there are some goals that are bigger, and sometimes tougher to lớn accomplish, sports... More

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Gold Coast in australia for 2018 Commonwealth Games is just the perfect destination

The 2018 Commonwealth Games lately got started in Gold Coast, Australia, to lớn celebrate the best in sports. When we think of the Gold Coast, beautiful beaches and coastlines is the first thing that... More

Pay as per your experience—how a Colorado khách sạn is changing the game

An interesting innovation in a khách sạn is often a breath of fresh air for anyone who has followed the khách sạn industry closely. After all, it is all more or less the same.

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games will not have overseas spectators this year

It has now been confirmed that overseas spectators will not be permitted lớn attend the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games. The world class sự kiện that is being held at Tokyo this year is a much ... More

Gulmarg to host 5-day national winter games from March 7, 2020

Gulmarg, one of Asia"s most popular skiing destinations, is all geared up lớn host the national winter games next month. It will be the first big event to be hosted in the valley after the abrogat... More

Hotel Shree Sagar

Located just next to lớn the revered Ganpatipule Temple và not too far from the Ganpatipule Beach which overlooks the stunning Arabian Sea, hotel Shree Sagar is a low-key hotel surrounded by palm tr... More





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