Mi Body Composition Scale

If you’re like me và can’t resist the urge lớn jump on any scale khổng lồ see how much your potbelly weighs, this is the one.

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The Mi body toàn thân Composition Scale 2 does all the things my old analog no-name scale couldn’t & then some. Whereas before I had khổng lồ dial the scale back khổng lồ 0 before weighing in, the Mi toàn thân Composition Scale 2 requires no such amateur fiddling around.

Setup? What setup? The Composition Scale 2 is basically touch-and-go. Slap in two pairs of AAA batteries in the belly and you’ll be up and running that very instant. Và if measuring your weight is your endgame, I’ll have to say that you’re all caught up.

The Composition Scale 2 will accurately measure your weight whenever you step on the white tempered glass plate. It supports a weight of 100g~ 150kg with a minimum index of 50g. However, you need at least 5kg khổng lồ activate the scale. The 4 batteries are good for about 8 months (I advise you get a reputable brand e.g Duracell or Energizer).

Since switching to lớn the scale, I’ll have khổng lồ that it’s definitely a step up from my old analog scale, what with the high-precision pressure sensors và 10 data points, terminologies we are going khổng lồ dive into momentarily.

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Design & Build


I would definitely buy the body Composition Scale 2, especially since the outbreak of Covid -19 has nurtured a sedentary lifestyle. Like I said earlier I have this inexplicable urge to get measured whenever I see a scale. And with a smart scale, I get more information out of it than I would a regular scale.

I am a bit worried about the glass breaking accidentally but I guess only time will tell how durable the scale is. The advanced data I get is a welcome change from before when all I got was my body weight without context.

I lượt thích the added bonus that the whole family can keep a record of their health stats. Xiaomi mi claims that the Composition Scale 2 can automatically identify each user by weight & other metrics. It can store up khổng lồ 16 user profiles and can identify children from adults.

Update: Take a look at our video clip review of this smart scale;

Price & where khổng lồ buy

The xiaomi Mi body toàn thân Composition Scale goes for $59.90 (UGX 220,000/NGN 22,800/KES 6590) on Amazon.com.

If you Live in Uganda, you can get it from Odukar Store at Ugx 230,000. They offer same-day delivery for customers in Kampala.