Check out the article lớn know about the release date, cast, storyline (plot), and review of Love by Chance season 2!!

Love by Chance season 2 is a bầu BL drama series based on My Accidental Love Is You by MAME12938, a novel (Dek-D liked by 97% of the readers). Its first episode was aired on September 2, 2020, and ended on November 18, 2020, with 13 episodes, 60mins each, directed by Siwaj Sawatmaneekul.

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Cast và characters

Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (Perth) as Ae IntouchPhiravich Attachitsataporn (Mean) as Tin MedthananNapat na Ranong (Gun) as TechnoSiwat Jumlongkul (Mark) as KengklaKirati Puangmalee (Title) as TumKatsamonnat Namwirote (Earth) as Tar

Introduced in season 2

Nichakoon Khajornborirak (Meen) as TulRavipon Sangaworawong (Est) as GonhinPisitpon Ekpongpisit (Jump) as JobKrittin Sosungnern (Krit) as MaiThapanat Athikompokin (Boss) as Keen

Love by chance Season 2 Plot

As we saw in season 1 that Tin belongs to a very rich family where he gets everything he wants, just like a prince of a kingdom. But the thing is money cannot buy happiness at all. Money cannot buy love or true friends, and that is what happens with Tin. He struggles in life because of too much wealth và people using him for it.

He always used to lớn be suspicious of anyone who comes close to him as he thought that they would use him & leave. But as destiny cannot be changed, Can bumps into tin with red drink và spills it all over his T-shirt, just like a typical Bollywood film indeed. In the start of season two we see how Ae left the country leaving Pete behind, because of her father. We then see how can saves Tin from a gold-digger (Ongfong). But Tin instead of thanking Can gets annoyed because of his interference & behaves rudely as we say Love is Blind Season 2

Meanwhile Pete gets on the verge of depression, where Mai và Pond comes to lớn his rescue. We also see Tin meeting Lemon & Can while shopping in the mall. We also see Tin learning from Lemon about Can’s nature. Meanwhile we witness Kengkla begging Techno khổng lồ talk to him. Lượt thích every other love story we see how Tin does efforts to lớn talk lớn Can và breaks his điện thoại just khổng lồ buy him a new one & get his phone number! I wish I were that rich. Then we see how Tin gets hurt after hearing a conversation between Tul and Phu.

In the next episode we see Can comforting Tin after the conversation he had with his brother on his love life & next we see how Tin invites Can on a date, meanwhile we see Keen being a good friend lớn Ae, who is on a trip to lớn his trang chủ and how Tum gets happy when she receives a call from Tar, regarding his return to xứ sở nụ cười thái lan in the break.

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Can is uncertain of how he feels for Tin as it just got too quick, when Tin asked him khổng lồ be his boyfriend. But jealousy takes place where love is, Can feels jealous when Tin spends time with other female friend. This series is beautiful just lượt thích Love Alarm Season 2 and 3

In following episode we see how lượt thích a good partner Can takes Tin to lớn his trang chủ after Tin’s team lost a major soccer game. Can feel shy about dating Tin, so in order to not feel embarrassed he avoids lemon.

Meanwhile Tul being the villain starts meddling in relationship of Tin & Can & when found an opportunity to lớn get to talk with Can privately he shares compromising evidence of Tin to lớn Can in order lớn separate them.

Can then meet Tin’s Dad khổng lồ talk about the abuse done by Tul lớn Tin. Meanwhile Tin goes to meet Gonhin to lớn know more about the childhood of Tul & gives him the news of Tul’s divorce in exchange. Elsewhere Tum finishes his song-writing for the special guest coming to lớn the music festival hosted. Và in the over we see Can helping Tin in celebrating his birthday.

Review of Love by Chance season 2

I think the plot of season 2 was a simple one. I expected more problems và twists, just like season 1. And compared lớn season 1, season 2 was not that great, but surely one should watch the season 1 và 2 as well, watch it now on Just watch and let me know how you liked it in the comments section!!